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Double Gate and Frame 8ft

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This gate and frame assembly will fit to the hurdles and make up a stand-alone handling system of your choice, with the Easy-Pen fitted to the opening gate. All with our own unique locking system which allows the hurdles to be easily erected but they will not separate inadvertently whilst in use.

2 reviews for Double Gate and Frame 8ft

  1. Geoff

    We welcome your feedback here to help with ongoing improvements and development of products and services.

  2. Tessa and Mark Holland

    Geoff helped us design a new catch pen and enclosure for use with our small herd of alpacas. The hurdles and gate are very well made and the easy pen has been hugely useful over the last year. The hurdles are light and strong, easy to manoeuvre and fit together. We can strongly recommend both the product and Geoff’s advice.

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