The Alpaca Easy-Pen

Are your alpacas giving you the run-round?
Are you tired of waiting for that well-intentioned friend to give you a hand?
Do you want to cut down on your part-time labour costs?
You need an Alpaca Easy-Pen!

How often do you want to catch just one alpaca to remove a bramble, inspect a limp or perhaps check an eye?   Can you vaccinate, worm or trim feet on your own?  No?

You need an Alpaca Easy Pen!  (now also available for Llamas)            The Alpaca Easy-Pen enables one person, without help, to easily catch and restrain/hold the alpaca for treatments such as vaccinations, worming, foot trimming and weighing etc.  The alpaca is held securely in this small pen without stress and struggle and is therefore much more calm for the moment of treatment when it is easily held by the operator.    The alpaca is then let out of the Easy-Pen on the opposite side of entry and so is separated from the remaining animals to be treated.  Weighing is simplicity itself, place the platform scales in the pen, let the alpaca in, give him/her a few seconds to settle, take the reading and let him/her out the opposite side.  If it is not convenient to let him/her out the opposite side then he/she can be marked and let back into the group.

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P9212697The Alpaca Easy-Pen works in conjunction with the user’s existing standard gate (or wall) and consists of two frames with fixing brackets and a length of cord.  The smaller frame is fixed, using the bracket, to the user’s existing gate and the larger frame is fixed, using the remaining bracket, to a wall or another gate situated at 90 degrees (approx.) to the first gate.  The length of cord is attached to the gate’s sliding bolt to enable the gate to be opened from the rear of the pen to let the alpaca out.



Away we go!



Preliminary Halter-Training

Easy Pen especially designed for Llamas

We also have an Easy Pen especially designed for Llamas and for Breeders who have both Alpacas and Llamas we have the Combination Easy-Pen with its interchangeable end gates. If you have already purchased one of our Alpaca Easy-Pens and wish to use it for Llamas as well, the new interchangeable Curved Gate can be purchased as an extra. Simply remove the small end gate on your Alpaca Easy-Pen and replace it with the new Curved Gate to lengthen your Easy-Pen for use with Llamas and reverting to the small end gate again when treating Alpacas.


Easy-pen with extension for customers who have alpacas and llamas


Optional Extra – Curved gate – For customers who have alpacas and llamas


Wide End Frame
Wide End Frame – to enable an owner to get in the pen with the alpaca to trim feet etc.
4ft, 6ft, 8ft Aluminium or Galv. Steel Hurdles
4ft, 6ft, 8ft Aluminium or Galv. Steel Hurdles